The U.S. Olympic bobsled team was finalized after the completion of seventh World Cup race of the 2009-10 season. Athletes qualified based on the results of international races through that date.

Drivers qualified based on the results of FIBT international race circuits through Jan. 17. Drivers earned points for each race and were ranked by the FIBT on its World Ranking List. The top U.S. drivers on that list qualified for quota spots for the Olympic Games for the United States.

How many sleds?
The U.S. was allowed to enter up to three sleds each in two-man and four-man for men and two-man for women. In order to enter three sleds in an event in Vancouver, the U.S. had to be one of the top three-ranked nations in that discipline. Countries ranked four through 10 will send two sleds, while countries ranked 11 through 17 may send one sled each.

Choosing drivers
The top ranked U.S. driver on the Combined World Ranking List, as of Jan. 17, was automatically selected. Steve Holcomb is the top male driver, while Shauna Rohbock leads as the top female driver. The second spot was awarded to pilots John Napier and Erin Pac, respectively, according to the discretionary selection criteria outlined below. A third U.S. spot in two-man was awarded to the highest-ranking U.S. driver on the two-man ranking list, which was Mike Kohn in the men's event and Bree Schaaf in the women's event.

The U.S. gained a third spot in four-man, which was also awarded awarded to the highest-ranking U.S. driver on the four-man ranking list who had not yet been nominated to the four-man team, driver Mike Kohn. The third spot for two-man and four-man could be the same driver if he meets the requirement for both disciplines as stated above.

The following criteria, in no particular order, was applied in determining discretionary team selections for drivers: successful track results on the Olympic track in Vancouver, current FIBT World Ranking, successful international competition results from the current quadrennium (2006-2010), 2009-2010 U.S. National Team Trials results, and 2009 Combine results.

Choosing pushers
Push athletes were named to the team based on the following discretionary selection criteria: driver input, test results, driver results at 2009-2010 U.S. National Team Trials, size and weight of the push athlete, proven international experience, push times in FIBT sanctioned events, ability to compete under the pressure of competition, team cohesion, attitude and work ethic, history/results of team combinations pushing well together, trend of push times, and ability to stay healthy.

The athletes listed below have been selected to represent the U.S. in bobsled competition at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

Shauna Rohbock

Since winning Olympic silver in Torino, Rohbock has remained among the world's top drivers. In 2009, the Utah native finished first at the Olympic test event at Whistler.

Michelle Rzepka

The former track and field All-American began her bobsled career in 2007, and went on to win bronze with driver Erin Pac at the 2009 Whistler World Cup.

Erin Pac

A former collegiate heptathlete, Pac makes her Olympic debut as a driver after falling short of the Torino team as a brakeman.

Elana Meyers

Meyers returns to Vancouver in her Olympic debut, looking to dominate the Whistler track again after winning gold during the Olympic Test Event in 2009.

Bree Schaaf

Schaaf, who spent five years with the U.S. skeleton team, has been sliding with the U.S. bobsled squad since 2007. She was named as the team's 'Rookie of the Year' for 2009.

Emily Azevedo

With driver Bree Schaaf, Azevedo was crowned the 2009 bobsled National Champion -- just two years after she took on the sport.

Steve Holcomb

The reigning world champion broke a 62-year gold medal drought when his 'Night Train" sled won the Olympic title at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Justin Olsen

In 2009, the native Texan helped Steve Holcomb's "Night Train" clinch the first four-man world title in 50 years. Vancouver will mark his Olympic debut.

Curt Tomasevicz

With several World Cup medals and the 2009 World title, the former University of Nebraska linebacker will make his second Olympic appearance in 2010.

Steve Mesler

Mesler, a push athlete in Steve Holcomb's 2009 world champion "Night Train" bobsled, likes "the mix of fear and adrenaline" that the sport provides.

John Napier

Hailing from Schenectady N.Y., Napier's family bobsled roots date back to the 1960s, when both of his parents started driving.

Chuck Berkeley

The father of two and part-time real estate broker grabbed gold and bronze medals with driver John Napier during this season's World Cup.

Steve Langton

This 2009 U.S. National Push Champion will be a part of Napier's two- and four-man sleds in Vancouver.

Chris Fogt

Like Napier, Fogt is a member of the World Class Athlete Program. He came to the sport of bobsled in 2007.

Mike Kohn

Kohn helped push Brian Shimer's four-man sled to a bronze medal in Salt Lake in 2002. The Vancouver Games will be his second Olympics but his first in the driver's seat.

Jamie Moriarty

The former collegiate football safety, who will make his Olympic debut in Vancouver, got interested in bobsled after seeing it in the 2006 Winter Games.

Bill Schuffenhauer

Schuffenhauer slid to Olympic silver with Todd Hays in 2002. He returns for his third Games after coming out of retirement two years ago.

Nick Cunningham

Making his Olympic debut in Vancouver, this rodeo cowboy from California will assist in Mike Kohn's four-man sled.

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