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Population: 4,627,926
Area: 125,021 sq. miles
Location: Europe
Capital: Oslo
Major Cities: Bergen
Language(s): Norwegian
Winter Olympic Debut: 1924

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Vancouver 2010

Norway is a monarchy in the western part of the mountainous Scandinavian peninsula, bordered mostly by Sweden but also by Finland and Russia in the northeast tip of the country. Norway extends 300 miles above the Arctic Circle, the farthest north of any European country.

Norsemen - Norwegian Vikings sailing from Iceland and Greenland - are credited by most experts as being the first Europeans to travel to America, with at least five voyages beginning in 999 A.D. to what is now Labrador, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and possibly New England. Norway's merchant marine is one of the world's largest.

Among famous Norwegian-Americans are Babe Didriksen, Eric Heiden, Elliot Ness, Knute Rockne and Earl Warren.

Norway: Olympic Tradition

Norway has the most Olympic Winter Games medals with 280. Eighty-seven of Norway's medals have come in cross-country skiing, and 79 are from speed skating. Norway has twice hosted the Winter Olympics: Lillehammer 1994 and Oslo 1952.

Norway: Vancouver Outlook

Norway has medal contenders in eight of the 15 Winter Olympic sports, including speed skating, biathlon, Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, ski jumping, snowboarding, and curling.


Explore & Compare

Explore & Compare

How many golds did the U.S. win at the 1980 Lake Placid Games? How do Norway, Sweden and Finland match up from Olympics to Olympics? Explore and compare medal standings through the years.

Parade of Nations

Parade of Nations

Parade of Nations

Images of the Parade of Nations at the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Parade of Nations: U.S. delegation

Parade of Nations: U.S. delegation

Images of the U.S. delegation at the Opening Ceremony on Feb. 12.

2010 Medal Standings

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