Steve Holcomb
Sport: Bobsled
Birthdate: April 14, 1980
Birthplace: Park City, UT
Hometown: Park City, UT
Residence: Park City, UT
Ht: / Wt: 5'10" / 231 lbs
Olympics: 2006
Teammates: Steve Mesler, Curt Tomasevicz, Justin Olsen
Olympic Pulse
  • Steven Holcomb Holy smokes!! 608 Facebook Messages, 135 emails, and 72 voicemails and its only been 36 hours. I will do my best to get to all of them.
  • Steven Holcomb Top it off with Michael J. Fox! Well played Canada!!
  • Steven Holcomb I take that back, bring out Captain Kirk, William Shatner!!!! I'm a geek at heart, and a trekker full time! This is awesome!!!
  • Steven Holcomb How can you beat an Olympic Gold Medal, Neil Young, and Alanis Morrisette? Oh, bring out my girl Avril, that's how!!
  • Steven Holcomb Who's watching the Closing Ceremony? If you're not, then start! This is awesome! All I ask: Find a dream, work for it, then live it!

Getting to know: Steve Holcomb

Broke a 62-year gold medal drought when his 'Night Train" sled won the Olympic title at the 2010 Vancouver Games...A degenerative eye condition nearly caused Holcomb to quit the sport in 2008, but corrective surgery restored his vision to 20-20... One year later, the Park City native drove his "Night Train" sled to the first world title for the U.S. men in half a century...He also claimed the four-man bobsled World Cup title for the first time in 17-years for the U.S., and the overall 2010 World Cup crown.


DateEvent RankResults
Sat, Feb 20 - 5:00pTwo-Man, Run 1 of 4 651.89
Sat, Feb 20 - 6:35pTwo-Man, Run 2 of 4 41:43.93
Sun, Feb 21 - 4:00pTwo-Man, Run 3 of 4 52:35.91
Sun, Feb 21 - 5:20pTwo-Man, Run 4 of 4 63:27.94
Fri, Feb 26 - 1:00pFour-Man, Run 1 of 4 150.89
Fri, Feb 26 - 2:45pFour-Man, Run 2 of 4 11:41.75
Sat, Feb 27 - 1:00pFour-Man, Run 3 of 4 12:32.94
Sat, Feb 27 - 2:45pFour-Man, Run 4 of 4Medal Gold13:24.46

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    Who am I?

    As the pilot for the USA-1 bobsled, I broke a 62-year gold medal drought when my sled, the 'Night Train" won the Olympic title at the 2010 Vancouver Games. A degenerative eye condition nearly caused me to quit my sport in 2008, but corrective surgery restored my vision to 20-20.

    Steve Holcomb
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