Kikkan Randall
Sport: Cross-Country
Birthdate: December 31, 1982
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, UT
Hometown: Anchorage, AK
Residence: Anchorage, AK
Ht: / Wt: 5'5" / 135 lbs
Olympics: 2006, 2002

Do you have any superstitions?
I used to wear lucky socks.

Do you have any pet peeves?
When someone gives up in a race.
What is your most embarrassing sports moment?
As a freshman in high school, I got second place at state championships, and when I was getting ready to get on the podium, I missed the step and slipped off. Everybody laughed.
If you could play any other sport, what would it be?
Alpine skiing or ski jumping
What music do you like to listen to before competition?
any high-energy music
Favorite...Web site?
...thing from Starbucks?
white cappuccino you've traveled?
Italy, in winter
...junk food?
maple-glazed doughnuts

One famous person you would like to meet?
Steve Prefontaine (Olympic distance runner)

Three things you always travel with?
iPod, a good hairbrush, my computer
If you weren't pursuing the Olympics, what would you be doing?
I'd be involved in sports marketing.
One thing most people don't know about you?
I can ride a unicycle.
The #1 thing you'd like to do before you die?
Go to Australia.

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Who am I?

As the pilot for the USA-1 bobsled, I broke a 62-year gold medal drought when my sled, the 'Night Train" won the Olympic title at the 2010 Vancouver Games. A degenerative eye condition nearly caused me to quit my sport in 2008, but corrective surgery restored my vision to 20-20.

Steve Holcomb
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